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Better Bridge of Don Festival Trail at Oldmachar

Oldmachar Academy is taking part in the Better Bridge of Don Festive Trail 2021. This is where schools and local businesses put out a Christmas display in front of their buildings for the BOD community to enjoy. The display outside the school and in the ground floor windows at the front of the school will be displayed from today until Tuesday, 21st December. As part of the display a big letter G will be displayed in the window of the foyer. People going round to see the displays 'collect' letters displayed to spell out a Festive Word.

The display outside and in the windows was created by Miss Lumsden's S3 and S4/5 ASDAN classes, and the macrame in the foyer has been produced by Miss Lumsden's S4 ASDAN class.

The display in the foyer has been produced by Mr Daniel's Creative Industry Class. This forms part of the above Festive Trail (people can peep in the window to see it!).