About us

Aberdeen’s thriving energy sector is renowned around the world, drawing in people from various corners of the globe. The offshore oil and gas industry, in particular, is a major attraction for professionals seeking challenging and rewarding careers. As a result, Oldmachar Academy proudly reflects this cultural diversity by being a vibrant and inclusive institution that welcomes students from a wide range of ethnic backgrounds. Our community values diversity and promotes a respectful and inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and supported in their academic pursuits.

Oldmachar Academy was founded in 1982 and is situated within the largest suburb in Europe.  Almost all of our students live within our catchment area and most are within walking distance. Many of our alumni are parents of current students making them second generation ‘Oldies’. The current role is around 900 students and is rising through local growth and due to our popularity attracting many placing requests.

We are proud to work with our associate primary schools: Greenbrae, Middleton Park, Glashieburn, Danestone and Forehill primaries. We work closely with our associated primaries to provide a smooth and seamless transition, ensuring that every child has the best possible start to their secondary education. Our dedicated transition support teacher works closely with primary school teachers to share best practices and ensure continuity in the learning experience. The close partnership is a key part of what makes Oldmachar Academy such a special place to learn and grow.