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Shoebox Appeal 2021

Calling All Pupils and Teachers! 
The Creative Industries Class is organising this year’s Shoebox Appeal, which aims to help disadvantaged families have what they need to keep healthy and well over the winter period and at Christmas.

What to Bring
We are asking each House to collect different types of household items for their shoeboxes. 

  • Auchindoun – Items for teenagers (young people up to the age of 18)
  • Crathes – Household items for older people and families
  • Esslemont – Toys for children (boys and girls)
  • Fyvie – Items for babies up to 12 months, and new mothers

Please see this document for ideas for what each House can bring.

If you are unable to bring anything, we are also collecting money so we can buy the items we need.

What Not to Bring
Please do not bring the following items:

  • food & drinks
  • battery operated toys
  • conflict-related items
  • matches
  • flammable liquids
  • flammable aerosols (e.g., deodorants and hair spray)
  • seeds or any living material
  • automatic washing machine powders

You can drop off your items at your school door in the morning, or in the trolleys in the foyer at lunchtime. 
Each House will have until the 28th of October to hand in their items for the boxes. Our aim is to fill 60 boxes

Thank you from the Creative Industries Team