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Active Sports

If you are interested in sport and really want to make a difference in your School then Keiran from Active Schools would like to hear from you. He is looking to set up 2 new Committees and they are as follows…

Active Girls Committee
This is a nationwide initiative run by Sport Scotland, that has a primary aim of getting more girls physically active. This committee will look to provide and support more physical activities in the school for girls of all abilities and ages. The members will also become role models for other girls and inspire them to get more physically fit, as well other tasks set up by Keiran.

More information can be found here.

Sports Committee
This committee is open to any with a keen interest in sport/physical activity and again has a primary aim of getting all pupils in the Academy and Feeder Primaries more physically active. This will be achieved by setting up clubs and leading classes with support from teachers and Keiran. The committee will help Keiran in introducing new, exciting ideas and give pupils a voice for what physical activities they would like to see in the School.

If you are interested in any of these committees then please come along to the Practice hall on Wednesday lunchtime 1pm-1:30pm (27th Feb) for the Active Girls Committee, and the Practice Hall on Thursday lunchtime 1pm-1:30pm (28th Feb) for the Sports Committee.

If you have any questions then please come find Keiran or ask a member of staff to pass on the message. Or you can email kfoy@sportaberdeen.co.uk.

For Parents only
Both of these committees are a great opportunity for your child to get involved in the organisation, running and leadership of clubs in their school and to give something back to their Primaries.
I am keen to ensure that children in the school are physically active and can reap the benefits that it can bring.
I am also willing to help with any qualifications that they may want to achieve such as Duke of Edinburgh or Saltire Award and to provide a volunteering placement etc. I can also do my best to source courses to attend and give them that little bit extra if they are looking to go onto further education and would look great on a CV or application.

Any questions please don’t not hesitate to ask. My details can be found below.

Keiran Foy
Active Schools Coordinator
Oldmachar Academy ASG
Sport Aberdeen
Broadfold House
Broadfold Road
Bridge of Don
Aberdeen AB23 8EE
T: 07774313675
E: kfoy@sportaberdeen.co.uk
W: www.sportaberdeen.co.uk