Languages & Literacy

Faculty of Languages and Literacy Pupil of the Year Award

Congratulations to those shortlisted for the ‘Pupil of the Year’ award as this in itself is an amazing achievement. All pupils with a previous ‘Pupil of the Month’ award were considered. Those nominated have displayed an exemplary attitude, excellent work ethic and have gone that extra mile to impress everyone in the Faculty of Languages and Literacy.

Those shortlisted:

S1                                            S2                                      S3
Ryan Adams                          Ellen Cowie                       Arvind Karaimangat
Rosie Neilson                        Miguel Dizon                    Holli Mitchell
Leone Nicol                           Kara Gillan                        Claire Smith
Lily Shearer                           Beth Rattray                


All pupils shortlisted embody the school values and are fantastic role models for their peers. It was very difficult for us to come to a decision but after much discussion and reference checking we are very pleased to announce the names of those awarded ‘Pupil of the Year’:

  S1 - Rosie Neilson
 S2 - Miguel Dizon
S3 - Claire Smith

Congratulations to our winners. Well deserved.

Miss Walshe