John Muir Award

All our S2 students are working towards the John Muir Trust Award. Please check this page regularly to see what they have been doing to achieve this environmental award.

Artwork using natural materials

Like the sculptor and land artist Andy Goldsworthy, pupils created their own natural sculptures using materials from the environment.

John Muir

Pupils styled John Muir's face using natural materials and items they found in the environment.

Scavenger Hunt

As part of the Scavenger Hunt, pupils were challenged to collect the following ten items from their surroundings: -

  1. A feather
  2. A pine cone
  3. Something round
  4. Something sharp
  5. Something soft
  6. A piece of litter
  7. something perfectly straight
  8. Something that makes a noise
  9. A chewed pine cone
  10. Something that reminds you of yourself


Pupils learned about communicating visually, especially over distances.

Sign Language