Art & Design

Photography Exhibition

The Photographers

Some of the photographs on display

This project is inspired by previous successful civic art projects in Aberdeen such as the 2005 Catwalk and 2014 Dolphin Sculpture projects. S1-3 pupils were involved in a competition to produce a design for the replica of Kelly’s Cat Statues, which adorn the parapet of Union Bridge. The design selected from our school to be decorated on a cement cat, was produced by Leah Christie, in second place was Molly Murray, third joint place was won by Kirsty Male and Lara Murray. Leah has now painted her cement cat which was displayed in Waterstones beside various other artists’ cats. On 28 September, 2016 the decorated Cats were auctioned at the Marcliffe Hotel, with the proceeds being donated to Clan, Unicef and the Denis Law Legacy Trust’s Streetsport initiative.

Leah Christie's design

Some of the other designs on display in the library


S4-6 for folio work: 3:30pm-4:30pm, Thursday
Self-directed study: lunchtimes every day

Further teacher input available through individual negotiation with teachers at lunchtimes or after school.