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CatParade Project

The CatParade Project is inspired by previous successful civic art projects in Aberdeen such as the 2005 Catwalk and 2014 Dolphin Sculpture projects. S1-3 pupils have been involved in a competition to produce a design for the replica of Kelly’s Cat Statues, which adorn the parapet of Union Bridge. The design selected from our school to be decorated on a cement cat, was produced by Leah Christie, in second place was Molly Murray, and third joint place was won by Kirsty Male and Lara Murray.

Leah has now painted her cement cat which will be displayed in Waterstones beside various other artists’ cats. On 28 September the decorated Cats will be auctioned at the Marcliffe Hotel. The proceeds will be donated to Clan, Unicef and the Deni s Law legacy Trusts’s Streetsport initiative.

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Mrs Simpson